ELF BAR Tacja Nicotine Pouches


Flavours: Blueberry Sour Raspberry
Nicotine Strength: 12mg


ELF BAR TACJA Nicotine Pouches, the perfect 100% tobacco-free alternative designed by ELFBAR. Crafted to deliver a subtle and flavorful experience, these nicotine pouches combine Elf Bar's expertise in flavour with the satisfaction of nicotine. Offering a vapour-free substitute suitable for any situation, these pouches promise an extraordinary and enduring taste, providing a convenient alternative to tobacco that can be enjoyed anywhere.

These innovative nicotine pouches are placed between the lip and gum, allowing for the absorption of oral nicotine into the body. Available in a variety of strengths, including regular, medium, and strong, each pack contains 20 pouches, providing a satisfying nicotine experience for up to 30 minutes per pouch. Perfect for e-cigarette users or individuals seeking to quit smoking, these pouches offer the same satisfaction as cigarettes and vape kits without the hassle.

Explore our range of tantalizing flavours, including Watermelon Ice, Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Menthol, Lemon Mango, Spearmint, Freezing Ice, Cherry Ice, and Mint. Each flavour offers a unique and refreshing taste experience, capturing the essence of summer fruits, icy coolness, and timeless minty freshness.

Elevate your nicotine experience with ELF BAR TACJA Nicotine Pouches and embark on a journey towards a smoke-free lifestyle. Try them now and discover the perfect flavour to suit your taste preferences.

What's in the box:

  • 20pcs* Nicotine Pouches

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