Vaping Wholesale is a UK-based one-stop distributor for many electronic cigarette & e-liquid brands. We carry wholesale vaping supplies including disposable vapes, starter kits, vape juice, box mods, atomizers, tanks, vape necessities, and more wholesale products.

As one of the largest vape wholesalers in the UK, our focus has always been on building trust with our customers. All products we stock go through strict inspection to ensure the highest quality and safety. We work continuously to improve the products and services according to clients' requirements. We are committed to helping your businesses reach maximum potential.

Our huge range of hardware and vape liquid are all TPD compliant. We also provide OEM service. Our professional customer service team is available 9 am - 5pm (Mon - Fri), and we are happy to help.

Why Choose Us?
Professional and Experienced
You can get suggestions and advice from our experts with over ten years of experience in the e-cigarette manufacture industry. From outlook design to flavor and nicotine customization, we will wholeheartedly satisfy your needs.

Premium and Affordable
We're deeply cooperated with many well-known e-cigarette brands to filter the best quality products and the most reasonable prices for customers.

Wide Selection of Products
We stock over 1,000 disposable vapes with the widest selection from flavours, puff to nicotine strengths to choose from, including Geek bar, Beco Bar, Elf Bar, Nasty Fix, and more!

Reliable Customer Service
We also provide professional customer service you can trust on. If you have any questions or concerns about us and our products, we are here for you anytime.


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