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Ultra-low MOQ requirements
With over 1,000 disposable vapes to choose from
We stock the widest selection of flavours, puff and nicotine strengths

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Accounts can be verified within 30 minutes allowing you to order the same day (within office working hours)

All accounts get manually verified before being upgraded to wholesale status.please contact our wholesale team on
(Online contact (within office working hours),Email: info@vapingwholesale.co.uk)

We need you to provide some basic company information and review your wholesale qualifications
If your basic information is incomplete, we will contact you
If no attempt has been made to fill in all the information that is required, your request may get denied without notification.

If you have any issues and/or questions with regards to setting up an account, please contact our wholesale team on
Online contact (within office working hours)
Email: info@vapingwholesale.co.uk


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