How Many Types of Vapes Do You Know? - Vaping Wholesale

Since early 21st century, the vaping industry has been developing surprisingly rapid. In the meantime more and more newbies, and smokers who want to make a switch have joined the enormous vaping family. There are different groups of vapers, in order to fulfill each group, therefore the vape device is various in types. Unlike the other guides, I classify them into four general categories namely Disposable Pod, Pod, Pod Mod and Mod. Either you are a new vaper or an experienced vaper, it’s necessary to know about different types of vapes and pick the most suitable one for yourself.

Disposable Vape

Vape Anatomy

As the name implies, it’s a disposable vape device. Its outlooks often appear in flat and cylindrical shapes. Disposable Pod is lightweight, fully charged(but cannot be recharged), pre-filled with e-liquid, designed to be familiar to cigarette, but without the dangerous substances from acetone and tar to carbon monoxide and formaldehyde that comes with smoking cigarettes. Disposable Pod is draw-activated and ready to vape out of the pod - simply inhale and start vaping. And disposable pod is MTL vaping style which is similar to the inhaling experience of smoking. When finished, dispose it properly and replace it with a new one.

The distinct differences between disposable pod and pod are: disposable pod cannot be recharged and refilled which means once you run out of e-juice or battery, it is out of use. Disposable Pod Kits are the most popular and the best option in 2021 among new switchers and experienced vapers looking for ultimate convenience or merely first try.

The disposable pod has multiple advantages: It’s cheaper than cigarettes and any other vape devices(in a short period); it’s the simplest operation vaping system(draw-activation); it’s pocket-friendly, you can enjoy a long-lasting and tasty vaping experience with an super compact disposable vape pod.


Moti Pod

A vape pod device means it works via a “pod”, a vape pod system is an e-cigarette that makes use of a pod rather than a vape tank or an atomizer. E-liquid, heating element and mouthpiece are all integrated in a pod. Just equip the pod with a power source, then it’s ready to use. It’s usually powered by internal rechargeable batteries and used with refillable or not refillable catridge. The extrem compact design often appears in a cig-like or vape pen outlook.

To be clear, vape pod generally does not equip with high voltage power. And the battery volume is often between 350mAh-800mAh for a vape pod device, the power usually is fixed in a relatively low range from 5W-15W. Nowadays, most of the vape pods have type-c port, so basically you do not have to worry about the run-time of a pod device. If it’s fully charged, it would last for a day run, and it can be chraged fast with type-c port.

It’s a great vaping device for MTL vaping experience. With changeable or refillable pod and draw-activation system, you can easily enjoy various tastes of vape juice in relatively high nicotine strength. And the resistance to sunction is similar to cigarette, it’s a good choice for switchers to pursue a healthier lifestyle. It’s also a nice backup for advanced vapers.

Pod Mod

Pod Mod

It’s obvious to see that pod mod is the combination of pod and mod, which is also known as AIO(all in one) system. Pod mods were designed to provide higher nicotine delivery with a smaller amount of power than conventional e-cigarettes. Refillable pods can be filled with conventional freebase nicotine liquid or nicotine salts into the empty pod cartridges with varying levels of nicotine. The distinct difference between pod and pod mod is that pod mod has customisable settings while pod doesnt. Pod mods come in varying shapes and sizes according to the idea of the manufacturers.

The most attractive point of a pod mod vaping device is that it can be switched to MTL or DTL via adjusting the voltage, airflow and replacing coils. With high voltage internal/external rechargeable battery, the power range is usually range from 5W-100W. A pod mod is typically a smaller and more pocket-friendly than a full-sized vape mod, though, and it still gives you the convenience of storing your e-liquid in a pod that’s quick to fill and easy to replace.

Pod mod vaping device usually comes with high end componets and reliable quality. Adjustable power settings that allow you to dial in the level of vapor production and flavor intensity that you want. Replaceable atomizer coils that make it possible for you to get the “new coil” flavor whenever you want it without discarding your entire pod. Some pod mods even have several different types of atomizer coils available, thus giving you even more options for customizing your vaping experience.


Mod Vape

Vape mod, don’t know what does it mean, right? Let me put it in this way, vape modification, it’s near the meaning of DIY your vaping experience. Speaking of mod, this definitely is the most complicated and various vape device, that’s to say this is a pro vape type for those advanced and experienced vapers who even should have a good understanding in electrology and strong hand-on skills.

Unlike vape pen or vape pod, vape mod has a series control for your vape device generally includes temperature control, wattage change(5W-200W), airflow adjustment, sub-ohm resistance, etc. Vape mods is a perfect device for producing mass of clouds and bringing the most tasty and warm inhaling experience to you, it’s often used with low nicotine strength vape juice for best vaping experiment. With all the powerful functions comes with a larger battery capacity and more sophisticated design thus most vape mods are bigger and heavier than pods.

Starting from different styles of vape mods, the common ones are: Squonk mod, mechanical mod, DNA chip mod and touch screen mod. Beside the different styles of vape mods, the vaporizer is also various for the vape mod: RDA, RTA, RTDA and TANK. That would be a long story if explained each style and type of it. Neverthless, as the time goes, vaping device manufacturers have launched more and more easy to use vape mods for vapers.